Discover the Money Quest Wranglers DAO: Earning Made Simple and Rewarding

Discover the Money Quest Wranglers DAO: Earning Made Simple and Rewarding

Introducing the Money Quest Wranglers DAO, an exciting new project by Money Quest. This unique opportunity allows anyone with a DeSo Wallet and $1 in $DESO currency to earn royalties by investing in a range of profitable strategies.

NOTE: For those currently investing in the Money Quest Earners program (@JohnJardin_MQE, @ArmandSmit_MQE, @HoityToity_MQE), this doesn't affect it at all; it's just another option for those who prefer a more stable strategy with greater involvement and transparency.

Why Choose Money Quest Wranglers DAO?

The online world, especially Web3, offers countless earning opportunities. However, it can be overwhelming to navigate multiple wallets, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, not to mention the extensive research and experience required. Money Quest Wranglers DAO is here to help! With the help of our Wrangler Team, we handle everything, including:

  • Buying NFTs
  • Trading and staking crypto
  • Setting up apps, accounts, and subscriptions
  • Earning crypto
  • Researching and refining strategies

All you need to do is contribute by purchasing DAO tokens, and we'll share the earnings 50/50 with the DAO Token Holders!

Getting Started

Ready to dive into the world of DAO investments? Look no further! The Money Quest Wranglers DAO is here to make investing a breeze. Simply follow the steps below to get started:

  1. The Effortless Investment Method

Purchasing DAO tokens is a breeze, and you can find all the available methods on the Money Quest Wranglers DAO Home Page. Just make sure you have a DeSo account. If you don't, check out this guide on creating one.

After buying DAO tokens, sit back and relax! We'll keep you in the loop with progress updates, payment runs, and essential announcements. Be sure to join our online community.

  1. The Informed Investment Method

If you're curious about how the DAO operates, keep reading! We'll break down everything you need to know and provide contact information for any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have.

Benefits of the Money Quest Wrangler DAO

  • Guaranteed safety from rug-pulling
  • 3% Referral Program rewards
  • 95-98% of the funds are invested or staked*
  • Investment decisions via Proposals and Voting
  • Trade tokens or sell back to Money Quest**
  • DAO Token price tied to the DeSo Dollar (Stable Coin) with inflating reserve rate***
  • Royalties paid in MQLoyalty tokens****
  • Unified collaboration in one DAO

* Earn in $DESO for referring people who purchase $MoneyQuestWrangler DAO Tokens. You'll earn 3% commission of the amount they used to purchase tokens.
** OpenFund's Order Book Exchange enables DAO token trading on DeSo. Alternatively, the DAO will buy back tokens at 95% of its current price.
*** Each DAO Token will be worth $0.01. However, after every few rounds, the reserve rate will increase by a small percentage, making it that you will acquire less DAO tokens, benefiting early contributors.
**** The $MQLoyalty Token is Money Quest's official token that's earned by either being a Premium Subscribed member, or by being a part of Money Quest initiatives like the Wrangler DAO.

Important Things To Know

  1. Proposals can be submitted anytime by the admin team, but voting lasts for only 48 hours before the proposal closes (speed is crucial 😎).
  2. Royalty payments occur every Tuesday (UTC), unless a proposal suggests waiting for better crypto prices.
  3. Royalties are paid out in $MQLoyalty tokens for strategic purposes that benefit investors.
  4. 5% of the income earned is first deducted as a management fee, after which the remaining amount is divided equally between the Wrangler and the DAO Token Holders (50% to the Wrangler / 50% split between DAO Token Holders).
  5. DAO Tokens can be traded on the OpenFund Exchange or sold back to the DAO at 95% of the current price of the DAO Tokens.

How to Reach Us