Guide: DeSo - Earn $DESO Crypto by Posting on Social Media

Guide: DeSo - Earn $DESO Crypto by Posting on Social Media

What is DeSo

DeSo stands for Decentralized Social and is a new kind of internet where all social media content exists openly on a blockchain and is shared between social media applications.

Overview of Guide

  • Type of Opportunity: Post-2-Earn
  • Upfront Cost: $0.00 - Free
  • What can you earn: $DESO cryptocurrency

Get Started

If you still need to register a DeSo account, tap below to get set up. If you already have a DeSo account.

DeSo: Setup and Configuration
This setup will show you how to create and verify your DeSo account.

Finally, if you are new to the DeSo platform, watch the video below, which shows how to get started on DeSo.

NOTE: The above video demonstrates DeSo using Diamond App, but can be used to understand Desofy as well.

Important Things To Note

  • $DESO, like bitcoin and Ethereum, is a cryptocurrency whose price rises and falls constantly. Your diamonds earned on a particular day could be worth $5 and the next day worth $10 or $0.20.
  • Even though DeSo was designed to cater for social media content, its technology gives Money Quest everything needed to create opportunities for premium members.

Additional Resources

Guide Levels

The following section explains how one can earn $DESO crypto on the DeSo blockchain. Level 1 will focus on the most straightforward method, requiring the least time and no upfront investment.

The Levels following Level 1 might require additional time and effort, and in some cases, upfront investment, but will provide more earning opportunities.

How to calculate potential earnings

  • In most cases, your posts on DeSo will receive at least two diamond tips. Depending on the quality of your post, expect to be tipped more.
  • The value of a diamond tip depends on the price of $DESO at the time. Assuming the price of 1 $DESO = $10, then the value of 1 - 8 diamonds are as follows:
  • 💎 x 1 = $0.0005
  • 💎 x 2 = $0.005
  • 💎 x 3 = $0.05
  • 💎 x 4 = $0.50
  • 💎 x 5 = $5.00
  • 💎 x 6 = $50.00
  • 💎 x 7 = $500.00
  • 💎 x 8 = $5 000.00

Level 1 - Earn by engaging with others on DeSo

Interacting with existing posts on the DeSo social feed is the easiest method to earn $DESO crypto. By reacting and commenting on existing posts, the likelihood of receiving diamond tips is easily 70%.

  • Step 1: Launch Diamond App or Desofy and ensure you're logged in.
  • Step 2: If not already, navigate to any one of the feeds, whether it be the following, hot, recent, trending, or global feed.
  • Step 3: Scroll through posts and find one that interests you.
  • Step 4: Comment on the post. The more value you add in your comment, the higher the chance of being tipped. Don't be shy to thank the person for the insight or ask questions.
  • Step 5: Frequently check your notifications section on Diamond App or Desofy. Here you will see who followed you, liked your comments, tipped you diamonds, and more.
  • NOTE: The DeSo platform promotes freedom of speech, but the more positive and valuable your content is, the more tips you will receive.

Estimated Earnings

  • 2-5 diamond tips per post.