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Welcome to the only guide you need to become a Move-2-Earn master.

Did you know you could earn $3-$4 monthly in crypto for doing nothing more than walking about 2 000 steps a day? Imagine what you could earn with a bit more effort and, in some cases, a small upfront investment. Never mind the fact that you'll be improving your health considerably.

The Move-2-Earn Club is here to guide you on your journey to making every step you take make money.

What To Expect From This Guide

You will start at level 1, where you'll be tasked to download a few free apps that will reward you crypto daily just for walking around.

Each new level will require a little extra effort. In turn, you will be rewarded additional crypto via the move-2-earn apps.

In later levels, you might be required to provide upfront investments, which we would only suggest if it's worth it.

In short, as you level up, so will your ability to earn crypto, but at the cost of more effort and potential upfront financial investment.

Minimum Requirements To Follow Guide

To apply the requirements for each level, you will need to perform tasks including installing apps, registering accounts, creating wallets, etc. The below information will prep you on what to expect to allow the setup process to be as seamless as possible.

A Smartphone Device

Almost every move-2-earn mobile app will support both iPhone and Android devices. In rare cases, Windows mobile is also supported.

A User Account

For every app, you will need to register an account using either of the following information, in order of recommendation:

  • Google Account
  • Email Address/Password
  • Mobile Number/Password
  • Apple Account

A Google Account is recommended because nearly everyone has one, and it can be used on iPhone, Android, and other devices. However, if no Google account is an option or you don't have one, feel free to select the alternatives per the above recommendations.

A Crypto Wallet

Because we are dealing with cryptocurrencies, a digital/crypto wallet will be required in most cases. If you haven't set up a digital before, here's what to expect:

  1. You will be given a passphrase usually made up of 12 random words. You must note these words in their order and store them safely. Anyone who gains access to your passphrase gains access to your digital wallet and can extract all crypto in the wallet to their accounts.
  2. You will be asked to create a pin (4-5 digits) to access the digital wallet. This is for convenience, so you do not need to carry around or remember the passphrase once the wallet is installed on the device.

Ready? Let's Get Going 😎