It's a Movement!

April 18, 2023 – It's official. MoneyQuest is a movement. The world governments and economies are playing games with all of us. Especially in the areas of the world whose currencies are not close to the US dollar right now, there is real turmoil and suffering. Economists have been projecting that Africa (and places with economies and governments like it) would be the next area for new world commerce markets. It has certainly been tough to get that to happen with traditional business the way it is today. However, now we have three very interesting developments for everyone living in those areas - Covid19 aftermath working conditions, remote work on the rise, and MoneyQuest.

Every day I get a new Virtual Assitant or Web Designer asking me if I want to get more time or upgrade my website by hiring them. These are saturated markets, but at the same time, they show me that post-Covid19 people are working harder to create businesses for themselves all over the world. Most of these VAs and Web Developers are not from the US. They are mainly from the Philippines, Singapore, Africa, South America, and India. As that suggests, they are able to work remotely and even if they get only a handful of clients, their earnings will carry them a longer way than they would in the US or another first-world nation. And even more, if you look at the way the governments of these nations have operated, the remote work option is the best way to keep the money they make in their own hands rather than the government's hands. Coupled with decentralized wallets, the most effective ways for people to take control of their earnings are through methods like owning their own business online, learning how to find passive income on their own, and working with others to create opportunities.

In a country like Africa, $3 USD can be about two days' worth of food. Helping people in these areas to build income remotely is a key task to improving the level of their economy and their lives. Working collectively to create and promote remote work and passive income in a forum like MoneyQuest is just the beginning.  As we are growing, we are looking to build participation from all over the globe. We don't want to simply give away money though, we want to educate and help people make their own money. We believe that people in these areas are held down mainly by their governments and corruption, and the best way out is to have ways to make their own destinies and control their own ability to create income.

Most people are hardworking and simply want to find a way to build up their family's ability to survive. Changing world economies must begin with the "everyman" in these countries. If the governments will not do what is right for their people, then the people must do what's right for themselves. War is not the answer, coups are not the answer, and violence is not the answer because these things just make it worse for the "everyman" living in these countries. Financial education and the ability to earn and keep their own money is the best way for the "everyman" to better his/her situation.

Alone the "everyman" continues to languish and perish, but together there is a chance to change the terrible situations and to deliver the skills and activities necessary to transform the "everyman's" ability to actively climb out of the life that has been chosen for him/her by their circumstance of birth. Join the movement!