DeSo: Setup and Configuration

DeSo: Setup and Configuration

There are two primary ways to access the DeSo blockchain and create your account:

  1. Via the Desofy mobile app (for iOS and Android)
  2. Via the Diamond App website

The easiest option is to use the Desofy mobile app, which only needs your email address and username. Should you not have a smartphone that can run Desofy, the alternative is to use a web browser and register via Diamond App. With Diamond App, you must verify your account using your mobile number.

There are two reasons to verify your account:

  1. You receive a tiny bit of crypto to get you started.
  2. It helps prove you're an actual human, not a bot/automated program.

Preparing to register your account

You need to understand something: Unlike registering an account with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter...with DeSo, you're also creating a crypto wallet that will store cryptocurrency and digital assets like NFTs on the DeSo platform.

Now don't let this scare you. With most of Money Quest's strategies, you do not need to add funds to your DeSo wallet.

Have the following ready before registering a DeSo account:

  • Email Address: You will need this to verify your account. It doesn't get used for anything else on the DeSo blockchain other than sending you emails.
  • Username: You have every right to be anonymous on the DeSo platform. Therefore, don't be shy to use an alias as your username to protect your identity. It's entirely up to you. NOTE: Many land up using their real name as their username, but it's a choice.
  • Mobile Number: This is only required if you register using Diamond App and not Desofy. Don't be worried about exposing your mobile number. It's only used to verify you're an actual human and does not get exposed or used anywhere else on the DeSo blockchain.
  • Passphrase: This is ultra important! You will be given a passphrase that consists of 12 random words. You need to store this in a very safe place. This is the only way one can access your DeSo wallet. If you lose this passphrase, you lose your account. There's no Forgot Password option on DeSo. Accountability is vital when it comes to Web3 and crypto.

Register DeSo Account using Desofy

  • Tap the Download Desofy button below to launch Desofy's website and download the app for iOS or Android.
  • Follow the instructions the app provides to finalize your DeSo account.
  • Use the video below as a guide in case you face issues. Alternatively, reach out to the community via the Telegram chat to assist you.

Register DeSo account using Diamond App

  • Tap the Launch Diamond App button below to launch Diamond's website.
  • Follow the instructions in the below video to register and finalize your DeSo account.


Once you've registered and activated your account, tap the link below to return to the DeSo Guide.

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