What are Guides and Strategies

What are Guides and Strategies

What is a Guide

Each money-making opportunity researched and tested by Money Quest is presented as an instructional article called a guide. The guide's purpose is to briefly explain the money-making opportunity, how it works, what the earning potential is, and what's required in terms of time, effort, and financial investment.

Almost every guide requires only a smartphone and internet. In some cases, though, users will need a desktop or laptop.

What are Guide Categories

Guides span categories such as Move-2-Earn, Microtasks, Internet Sharing, Passive Income, and others. This will help you decide which opportunities to take on based on what you are willing to spend time doing.

What are Guide Setups

Each guide will have a sub-article called a setup. The setup explains how to sign up for the relevant money-making opportunity and, when applicable, how to install the relevant apps on your smartphone.

What are Guide Levels

If every guide represents a specific money-making opportunity, then levels are the various ways one can make money with said opportunity. Guides are broken down into levels, starting at Level 1. Usually, the first few levels are the easiest and require little to no upfront financial investment, time, or effort. However, as you level up, more time and effort will be needed to earn additional income.

An example of a guide, setup, and levels:

Cointiply is an online website that allows you to earn bitcoin by performing various tasks, from entering a lottery to watching ads, filling in surveys, etc.

Cointiply is what is known as a money-making opportunity.

A guide in Money Quest will represent the Cointiply website. The Cointiply guide will contain a setup sub-article explaining how to sign up for a Cointiply account and any other configurations or installations that one might need.

The Cointiply guide will be broken down into levels, starting at Level 1. Level 1 will be the most straightforward task, like triggering the lottery faucet every hour, which awards you free coins. This task requires almost no time and effort.

Level 2 would introduce a new task of watching ads on Cointiply, which will award you coins for your time spent. Here Cointiply will require a few minutes of your time per day, but you will easily double the coins you would earn just from actioning Level 1.

Every new Level will have an additional task or tasks that need to be performed, but you will earn more in return.

What is a Strategy

A strategy is an instructional article that shows how to intelligently make more money with your time and effort by strategically combining money-making opportunities.


When using apps that award you crypto for walking, many use only one app when they could be running multiple, each rewarding them for the same effort.

This is how you earn money the smart way 👏

Money Quest researches and documents the best ways to combine opportunities and compound the rewards.