The Three Pillars of MoneyQuest

The Three Pillars of MoneyQuest

April 26, 2023 - Over the last four months, we've begun MoneyQuest to help people get more comfortable and educated about crypto, web3, and DAOs. Still, MoneyQuest is growing every day. Our original concept has expanded from simple education to really trying to help people get to where they want to go and begin to understand how to create their own passive income using the MoneyQuest collective. There are no promises of payouts or percentages and those involved in MoneyQuest are not financial advisors or licensed in any way, but our research is actively helping people win.  

We are a collective group of individuals, trying to help one another win against the difficulties imposed upon us by our world economies. We are from many different countries and backgrounds and are working in three main capacities in general: Operators, Investors, and Facilitators.

Let's go through the roles so they're easily understood. Operators are those behind-the-scenes people handling the day-to-day operations of setting up the DAOs, handling the distribution of funds as needed, running the rounds of funding, walking to earn, and just doing all the actual work. Investors are those who don't necessarily want to do the work (like the Operators) but want to support the MoneyQuest mission and earn some passive income while they fund only what they can afford. Then, they simply watch their ownership percentages grow to offer them incremental gains over time. All of our premium membership clients and monetary supporters are in the Investor group, so any profits that come to the DAO(s) that they support become their vehicles to long-term passive income (and they have the ability to sell their interests at any time or continue to allow them to grow). Finally, we have the Facilitators who are the MoneyQuest leaders. These leaders work to find new opportunities, validate the opportunities for our members,  and offer simple guides to help people easily find ways to use the crypto, decentralization, web3, and passive income solutions that have been discovered.  

Ultimately, these three pillars - Operators, Investors, and Facilitators - are the base of the MoneyQuest experience. The mission is to find ways to bring a collective of people together for little cost and offer them access to ways to earn - passively or actively - using proven methods that will afford long-term gains. Of course, our end goal is to do this so well that it will lead to a change in economic status for all our members over time. We are researching, educating, and encouraging members to do this in a decentralized way that will allow them to keep their earnings (even though each person will have their own responsibility to report their earnings to their tax authorities as legally required). Ultimately, we impress upon all members the different ways to not have their direct earnings funneled through some business or organization that may or may not give them what they are due. MoneyQuest is a way to be part of something bigger and change the way the world does business.

For example, centralized accounts, such as those provided by banks or businesses like Coinbase, involve a third party who manages our funds. These institutions grant us access to our account allowing us to conduct transactions and interact with other accounts, vendors, and more according to their specific rules for money transfers and interest accrual. If the institution or company fails, our money is at risk. However, some protections are in place, such as bank buyouts, transferring our money to other accounts, and insurance like the FDIC. Still, many government organizations throughout the world also take and distribute aid and earnings in such a way that there is poverty everywhere in these countries, but the governments refuse to let the common person get their due earnings and live.

Learning to put money to work - using proven passive income opportunities, and allowing the collective efforts of Operators, Investors, and Facilitators to work for each of our members -  is the essence of web3! The decentralized wallets and profiles that we encourage people to learn about and use put each person in control of their own funds. MoneyQuest offers this collective approach so that each of us may decide with whom we interact and who can access our funds. This approach also provides something that most other groups don't - hope for an upgraded financial future for all who seek it.